Fruit & Nut

Originally developed by Clemson University for South Carolina peach and strawberry growers,

The MyIPM app has since expanded into a tool that serves all fruit growers along the east coast.

The app content is maintained in collaboration with fruit extension specialists at Cornell University, University of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, and the University of Georgia.


Fruit and Nut Contributors

Other Contributors not shown include:

  • Greg Edison, Computer Science, Clemson Univ, Programming
  • Dan Cooley, UMass Amherst, Apple Diseases
  • Sara Villani, NCSU, Apple Diseases
  • Kerik Cox, Cornell University, Apple Diseases
  • Srđan G. Aćimović, Cornell University, Apple Diseases
  • Greg Krawcyk, PSU, Apple Insects
  • Elizabeth Garofalo, UMass Amherst, Apple Insects, Pear Insects
  • Bill Cline, NCSU, Blackberry and Blueberry Diseases
  • Courtney Brissey, UGA, Blueberry Insects
  • Ash Sial, UGA, Blueberry Insects
  • Sai Sree Uppala, UMass Amherst, Cranberry Diseases
  • Brett Blaauw, UGA, Peach Insects and Grape Pests
  • Tim Brenneman, UGA, Pecan Diseases
  • Jason Brock, UGA, Pecan Diseases
  • Angel Acebes-Doria, UGA, Pecan Insects
  • Eddie Kyle Slusher, UGA, Pecan Insects
  • Lenny Wells, UGA, Pecan Insects
  • Will Hudson, UGA, Pecan Insects
  • Jordan Willingham, NCSU, Perennial Crop Weeds
  • Sriyanka Lahiri, UF, Strawberry Insects
  • Madeline Dowling, Clemson University, Logo Design

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