MyIPM Hawaii mobile application provides Integrated Pest Management (IPM) information for insect pests and diseases for conventional and organic production of important crops in Hawaii.

It also contains information on postharvest quarantine recommendations on several specialty crops produced in the state. The target audience is commercial growers (conventional and organic), farm advisors, scouts, workers, and Extension agents and specialists. Homeowners may also find the information useful.

Hawaii Contributors

Content Authors and Contributors:
Ornamentals (Anthurium, Orchids): Joanna Bloese, Cindy McCarty, Russell Galanti (UH Manoa)
Macadamia (Insects): Angel Acebes-Doria (USDA PBARC)
Coffee, papaya, banana, avocado, corn: Mark Wright, David Honsberger, Maya Honsberger (UH Manoa)
Vegetables (cabbage, onions, tomatoes) and/or taro: Rosemary Gutierrez (UH Extension)
Papaya and/or sweet potato: Roshan Manandhar (UH Extension)
Postharvest: Peter Follett (USDA PBARC)

Support, Development and Programming:
Joseph LaForest, University of Georgia and Southern IPM Center
Guido Schnabel, Clemson University
Timothy Daniel, University of Georgia and Southern IPM Center
Krunal Patel, University of Georgia and Southern IPM Center

Logo Design:
Rachel L Carroll, UGA

Primary Target Audience:
Growers, Consultants, Extension Agents, Specialists and Homeowners in Hawaii

Funding provided by USDA NIFA, under Agreement No. 2014-70006-22485 via Southern IPM Center Working Group Program (Project 2986694)

Funding by:


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